Oby Ezekesili, presidential candidate of the Allied Congress Party of Nigeria (ACPN), says the People Democratic Party’s (PDP) recent statement on fuel price shows that its presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar is ignorant about the economy.

PDP had said on Thursday that Atiku had already “worked out a pricing template that will immediately crash the pump price of fuel in the country, since the Buhari-led APC administration, in its insensitivity, has failed to do the needful in the last 3 years”. 

“Our party is talking with top international players in the oil and gas industry, and this engagement has shown that the appropriate pump price of fuel in the Nigerian market, under the current subsidy regimes of the Buhari Presidency, should be within the borders of N87 to N90,” it said. See Also Business Atiku Will 'Immediately' Reduce Fuel Price To 'N87-N90/Litre, Says PDP

Responding on Friday, Ezekwesili said PDP had reminded everyone of why “both they and the APC are one of the same, fielding a single candidate called #BuTiku”.

“In a PDP statement this morning, the party promised to crash fuel pump price to N90,’” read a statement issued by her party and signed by its National Chairman, Gani Galadima.

“This is 419, and it betrays the PDP candidate’s ignorance of how Basic Economics and the solutions Nigeria truly needs. The country ended 2018 with 4trillion of Fiscal Deficit. Where will they find money to slash fuel price? Even if FG had such money, is it because they want another round of Subsidy-Slush Fund that they want to take the country deeper into the corrupted and market distorting fuel price fixing method?

“The Obiageli Ezekwesili For President 2019 campaign is all for market determined pricing which will end up more favorable to the Poor who have been and continue bearing the effect of corrupted subsidy regimes more while the rich enjoy the benefits.

“This is a reminder to Nigerians that Abubakar Atiku’s so-called and questionable business acumen does not qualify him to run this economy. Obiageli Ezekwesili is the only candidate in the race who has built and rebuilt national economies in Nigeria and outside, with a track record to show for it.”

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