The Nigerian Army has defended its shooting of members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) by sharing a video of United States President Donald Trump issuing a warning to migrants.

The Nigerian Army had opened fire on Shi'a protesters during their annual religious trek, which led to the death of more than 40 members of the sect. See Also Many Feared Dead As Policemen, Soldiers Open Fire On Shi'ites Again Breaking News VIDEO: How Policemen, Soldiers Opened Fire On Defenceless Shi'ites

In the video, which was originally aired on November 1, 2018, Trump was recorded issuing a warning to migrants who attempt to forcefully gain entry into the country.

According to Trump, the United States would not tolerate the treatment meted out to Mexican security operatives who were pelted with stones by migrants trying to forcefully pass through its borders. In the video, Trump said the US government will not tolerate anyone who throws a rock at the military as soldiers will "consider that a firearm" because "there's not much difference".

The Nigerian Army shared the video on its official Twitter handle on Friday morning and called on Nigerians to "make deductions". This was ostensibly in reference to the raging debate that soldiers pelted with stoned by Shi'ites in Abuja should not have responded by firing gunshots.

 VIDEO: Nigerian Army Defends Shooting Of Shi'ites With Trump Video

A check by SaharaReporters on Friday evening revealed that the video had 'vanished' from the Twitter feed of the Nigerian Army's official handle.

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