The Nigerian Senate has been criticised for adjourning its plenary to Tuesday, November 27, 2018, over the recent attack on soldiers by Boko Haram terrorists.

The Senate had suspended its plenary on Thursday in honour of the 44 soldiers said to have been murdered by Boko Haram. See Also Breaking News BREAKING: Senate Suspends Plenary In Honour Of 44 Soldiers Killed By Boko Haram

A statement on Friday by the Middle Belt Conscience Guards (MBCGs) frowned at the decision of the Senate to adjourn its plenary, noting that the action is "hypocritical and the height of eye service".

The group said it s most unfortunate that the Senate took the decision without verifying the claim.

Paul Itodo and Prince Adamu Enero, Chairman and Secretary of the MDCGs, who signed the statement accused the Senate of refusing to extend legislative support and encouragement in the war against Boko Haram terrorism and other insecurity challenges in the nation.

The statement read: "In spite of the sensitive nature of the two matters, the Senate indulged in political games by shutting down the chambers for a meaningless long break. This is legislative brigandage.

“To now understand that the same Senate which never deemed it imperative to deliberate and approve President Buhari’s anticipatory approval of $496 million drawn from the Excess Crude Account  for the purchase of Tucano fighter jets to battle Boko Haram insurgency in Nigeria, suddenly appears very concerned that soldiers were killed by terrorists to the extent of adjourning plenary?

“We consider this action absurd; a loud display of legislative hypocrisy and blackmail of the executive arm of government. A Parliament which had inexplicable difficulties endorsing presidential anticipatory approval for the procurement of arms and ammunitions to fight insurgency, has suddenly become very empathic that our soldiers died in the process of battling terrorists. Is the Senate mocking itself?

“In the past three years, the Sen. Saraki-led Senate has never found it necessary to increase defence budgets in the Appropriation Act laid before the National Assembly. While they casually up figures for National Assembly expenditure, the parliamentarians rather slash down defence budgets."

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