The expanded management of the University of Ibadan has said the status quo as contained in the rules and regulations guiding the International School, Ibadan (ISI), should be maintained.

A statement by the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) on the ISI hijab crisis also urged those seeking a change in the school dress code to "follow due process".

The school was closed down over the non-refusal of Muslim parents to budge, despite the resolution of the Governing Board of the school on the wearing of hijabs on school uniforms. See Also Breaking News BREAKING: International School Ibadan Shut Down Till Further Notice Over Hijab Protest

The statement was issued after a meeting of the expanded management held on November 23, 2018, in which the school maintained that the final decision on any such change "lies with the Board of Governors".

The meeting was presided over by the Vice Chancellor and had in attendance principal officers of the university, deans, directors of academic units, council members, the principal and three vice-principals of ISI.

The statement read: "There is need to take a dispassionate look at the rules and regulations governing not only dress code but general conduct of students in the International School, Ibadan. Such perspective will enable a deeper understanding of the principles underlying the establishment of those rules.

"The International School is a private school and is guided by its own policies, rules and regulations. The meeting also noted that there is a subsisting court judgment that has affirmed the private status of the school."

The meeting decided that: "The decision and outcome of the November 14, 2018, meeting of the Board of Governors of the school should be respected by all in the interest of the children and progress of the school.

"The status quo as regards students' dress code as contained in the school rules and regulations should be maintained.

"Individuals or groups that may seek a change in the dress code, or any other aspect of the rules of the school should follow the due process of requesting for such but the final decision on any such change still lies with the Board of Governors.

"Adequate measures should be put in place to forestall breakdown of law and order in the school."

The school was reopened on Monday.

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