A group, Igbo for Nigeria Movement, has described the calls for the sack of the Service Chiefs by Ohaneze Elders as a deliberate attempt to distract the ongoing efforts in the fight against insurgency.

In a statement issued in Akure, the Ondo State capital, Ifeanyi Igwe, National President of the group, maintained that the calls for the sack of the service chiefs were not only "baseless but also in poor taste and with sinister motives".

The statement read: "It is, therefore, consequent to state that since 2015, the business of kidnapping for ransom has been reduced to its barest minimum due to the presence of military personnel carrying out military operations in many parts of the country including the South East region.

“The Ohaneze Elders should be wary of been used as a conduit by some overzealous Igbo officers to advance their agenda for personal gains. Instead, it should dwell on promoting the unity of Nigeria”

“The Igbo for Nigeria Movement is in the know of the plot, and wishes to advise the members of the unsuspecting public of the plot orchestrated by some overzealous Igbo officers in the military who are bent in whipping up ethnic sentiments in the buildup to the general election.

“We, at this moment, wish to inform the Ohaneze Elders that such calls are not within their purview and as such, they should concern themselves with the business of their socio-cultural activities.

“We wish to state in emphatic terms that the call for the sack of service chiefs is at best the hands of Esau and the voice of Jacob, and as such, it should be disregarded by the relevant political authorities."

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