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The Vision of a working Government via Waste to Energy.

Case Study: Lagos State

Population : 22 million

Size of  Proposed Waste-Energy Plant: 100MW, with 100MW redundancy

Cost of plant: $236m (N71bn)

Fuel: Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)  

Cost of fuel: N0.00

Maximum revenue  on transporting MSW to Plant: N96bn

Expected Generation: 700GWh

Investment Model: PPP

Lagos State Maximum Investment: 20%

Wheeling Method m:  DISCO via swap agreement.

Projected Duration : 24  months.

Expected revenue: $400million  

According to Lawma Lagos State generate  13, 000T /day and 4.75millon T of Municipal Solid waste annually.  

Lawma records in 2014 showed that 1.77 million  MT was collected and dumped at Landfill sites in Lagos. Lagos has are 3 major landfills and 2 temporary sites.

1T of municipal Solid Waste MSW will generate 470kWh of energy.

13000T of Waste will generate  6GWh of electricity/ day. This is equivalent of 254MW of electricity/day running over 24hrs

5000T of MSW per day will generate 1.92GWh of electricity. 

What the proposed 100MW Waste to Energy Plant will add to Lagos Economy.

1. The new energy plant will turn 38% per cent which is equivalent to 5000T/day or  1.825 million tonnes per year of the city’s waste into energy.

2. The plant will wheel out 700GWh @ 20% loss of Electricity worth over $42m  of Electricity annually.  

3. This electricity will light 146,000 households 24/7 using 5000KWh annually which is  3233% more than Nigeria's Energy consumption per capita. This is 2.7%  of household in Lagos... 

4. 45million bricks worth over $22m will be made from ash annually which is enough to construct 12000 units of 3 bedroom apartment and in 10 years 120, 000 units will be built.  

5. From the waste, 150 million litres of clean water will be recovered.  These materials will be used to benefit the population of Lagos. The plant will create 100s of jobs for scavengers to earn a decent wage. This is $24.6million using the cost of Bottle water in Nigeria. 

6. Through the combustion process, it will also sort valuable and finite metals for recycling over $8million  would be added here. 

7. The plant will save the ecosystem 6m T of C02 annually which equals 4,500, 000 trees. Saving the city over $75million annually using N5000/tree. 

8. In 4 years the plant would pay itself.

9.  Fuel is zero Naira to Lagos

10. Lagos will make a whopping N36.38 billion in revenue by conveying the waste to the Plant. 

11. Annually this 100MW waste to energy plant will bring over $400million to Lagos State  Economy


In Lagos from 2016 till date, the outgoing Governor Messr Ambode is investing  N12 billion worth of diesel on less the 8MW incandescent bulbs fired by diesel generators annually. 

He signed off  N50bn waste management deal with  Visionscape which will be  N104bn in 7yrs at 17.5% interest rate totalling $380million.  


Ettu Mohammed

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