President Muhammadu Buhari has maintained that assets recovered in the anti-corruption fight will be sold off to prevent re-looting.

He said this during his campaign rally in Kaduna on Friday.

Buhari affirmed that fighting corruption in Nigeria is a difficult task and he won’t stop until all funds are recovered from looters.

His words: ”What we are doing is to ensure that all recovered assets are sold off and the proceeds lodged into the Single Treasury Account. That way, no one will have the opportunity to appropriate such assets.

“The anti-corruption fight is difficult in the current democratic dispensation, but we will continue to work carefully and steadily until we insulate public funds from looters.”

Buhari told Kaduna residents to remember the situation the country was when he took over in 2015.

“I have nothing to say than to remind you of the situation we met this country and the promises we made to you. The biggest gift we can give to our country is security, sufficiency and economic prosperity," he said.

He promised to provide more employment for the youth and also improve agriculture to corroborate the success his administration is already recording in the agricultural sector.

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