An advocacy group, #FreeDejiAdeyanju Campaign Organisation, has marked 58 days of the detention of Deji Adeyanju, a human rights crusader.

A press statement made available to the journalists in Abuja on Sunday, stressed that Adeyanju’s detention is illegal, and accused the present administration of lacking conscience.

The group also handed over Adeyanju’s case to God.

The statement read: “Today marks the 58th day since our brother and comrade, Deji Adeyanju, has been in a hellhole induced by the conscienceless regime of Buhari-Osinbajo in Kano State.

“Although he is presently confined within an extremely unpleasant environment and under the harshest conditions anyone could live in, he would like the tyrants in Aso Rock to know that his spirit remains firm and unbroken.

"The prolonged unlawful detention of Deji Adeyanju by the incumbent regime calls to question the humanity quotient of both the man who touts himself as a Law Professor cum Pastor and the other who is touted as a reformed democrat.

"Adeyanju’s family and associates know that his life is in danger, but we all are hanging our hopes on the Almighty God; the God of Elijah and Abraham; the one who strikes when he wishes; who wins all battles without even an ounce of defeat.”

Noting that his family and associates were worried about his safety, the statement continued: “These concerns stem from the consistent display of disrespect for human lives and dignity by the Buhari-Osinbajo’s cancerous and divisive regime. But, we must re-emphasize that we the comrades of Deji Adeyanju are undaunted, unperturbed and highly hopeful — both in the power of God and in the power of the good people of our great country, those who are ready to have their mouths severed from their heads — if that’s what it takes to flay tyranny and speak truth to power.

“The continued persecution of Deji Adeyanju is the last indication of the doom that awaits tyrants and their praise singers.”

The statement was jointly signed by Ariyo-Dare Atoye, Convener, Coalition in Defence of Nigerian Democracy and Constitution; Raphael Adebayo, Co-Convener, Free Nigeria Movement, and Moses Paul, Convener, MADConnect.

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