Nigeria author Erasmus Ikhide has released 'Shattered Hope', a book about the frittering away of the greatest hope that Muhammadu Buhari's candidature generated in the affairs of the nation in 2015.  

"Given the hopeless social political reality then, it was a unique period in the life of the largest black nation on earth," the authour said.

This book graphically showcases how the Nigerian hope has been systematically broken by the official deceit, incompetence, half-truths and propaganda in just three-and-a-half years of President Muhmmadu Buhari in power.

This is a story of how the electorate in Nigeria have been cruelly short-changed; how a gigantic hope has been turned into a mirage. This work is from the same pen of a social crusader that unsparingly contributed to the electoral defeat of Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan.

The book sells for $18.8 on, while the hard copy goes for N6,500.

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