West African Humanist Network has announced the appointment of Roslyn Mould to the position of a Coordinator.

Ms. Mould is a former President of the Humanist Association of Ghana and a former Chair of the African Young Humanists Working Group. As a Coordinator of the Network, she will work to bolster organised humanism in West Africa.

The establishment of the West African Humanist Network was discussed at a humanist conference in Ghana in 2012. Unfortunately, not much has been done since then to grow the network. Ms. Mould will be working to revive and reposition this strategic humanist body.

Alongside her new position, Ms. Mould will partner with other humanist and human rights organisations in furtherance of common goals and objectives.

Responding to news of the appintment, Mould said: "I am excited to be taking on a new role as the coordinator of the West African Humanist Network.

"We all need to work together to achieve positive and progressive change in Africa. I look forward to collaborating with other humanist individuals and organizations to promote the values of humanism, human rights, and critical thinking."

Dr. Leo Igwe, Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Humanist Association of Nigeria, said: "We are most delighted that Ms. Mould will be devoting her experiences and talents to developing the sub-regional network and to fostering the growth and flourishing of humanism and secular values in West Africa.

"With only a handful of active humanist organizations in the ECOWAS member states, Ms. Mould surely has her job cut out for her. We look forward to working with her and supporting her to succeed in her new role."

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