The Forum of Presidential Candidates and Political Parties for Good Governance has advised Atiku Abubakar, presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), to have a rethink on his decision to contest the presidential election result in court, saying he doesn't need such action 'at his age".

The group made the appeal on Monday at a press conference in Abuja.

Addressing journalists, Shittu Mohammed Kabir, the leader of the group, asked Atiku to disregard the advice of those asking him to challenge the outcome of the election in court. 

"We think he has a lot more to contribute to developing humanity and promoting peace and progress in our nation, even without holding any political office," Kabir said. "At his age, he should now avoid any action and utterances capable of farming the embers of discord, disagreement and violent conduct. Nigeria is greater than any personal or class interest."

Kabir noted that the “pattern of voting, the large turnout and county-wide endorsement of President Buhari attested to the fact that Nigerians are pleased with him, his style of leadership and performance in the last three and a half years”.

"It is on record that this forum engaged the press in the last three months to plead for caution in pursuit of our objective, to ensure that we play politics without violence, intemperate language and acrimony. We are absolutely committed to this vision, even when elections have been won and lost for the highest position in the land,” he added.

Many Nigerians, including Chief Olisa Agbakoba and General Ibrahim Babangida, have advised Atiku to shelve his plan to seek redress in court.

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