The Lagos Anti-Demolition Movement has protested the misinformation of statistics of the "carnage that happened at Ita Faji", when a building marked for demolition collapsed, killing school children.

The protest, which took place at Massey Street, Lagos Island, was led by Barrister Dotun Hassan and Barrister Ayo Ademiliyu.

Addressing journalists at the protest on behalf of the group, Ademiluyi said: "We are here to protest the killing of about 61 children by nobody else but the Lagos State government.”

The group, he said, "put the criminal burden on the Lagos State government”.

Citing two reasons, he continued: “One, the Lagos State government has neglected its constitutional duty to its people by refusing to demolish his building. The corruption and bribery of the Lagos State government has finally been exposed to the whole world.

"Two, we want to debunk the false information being circulated by the government, which has in its payroll mainstream editors, that just four or eight children died, but the real truth by our independent investigation is that more than 61 children lost their lives.”

On the ongoing demolition embarked upon by the Lagos government, the group presented its position thus: "The Lagos State government has embarked on an unscientific and unempirical demolition of 200 houses. In front of me is a building being demolished with residents in neighbouring buildings still inside; no evacauations.”

He cited Section 55 of the Lagos State Urban Renewal and Policy Development Law enacted by the Lagos State government, which "provides for urban renewal strategies for scenarios thrown up by dilapidated infrastructure; to guarantee loans for property owners within area improvement areas, and also to uphold right to fair hearing in dealings with affected residents before dealing in any dislocation operation”.

The group accused the Lagos State government of brashly breaching the provision of its law by undergoing demolition without compensation and resettlement.

Group Protests Govt’s Sudden Demolition Of Buildings On Lagos Island


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