Following the fatal crash involving two Boeing 737 Max aircraft in the space of six months, at least 393 planes of the Boeing brand have been grounded across the world.

According to flighttradar24, a global flight tracking service with real-time information about aircraft around the world, airlines have moved their Boeing 737 Max into storage.

This was triggered by the crash of an Ethiopian Airlines 737 Max which crashed in Addis Ababa; all 157 passengers and crew members on board died in the incident. Nigeria’s Pius Adesanmi, a Professor of African Studies at Carlton University, and Abiodun Bashua, a diplomat, were killed in the crash.

In October, a Lion Air’s Boeing 737 Max crashed into the Java Sea, also killing all its 189 passengers and crew members.

These repeated crashes have led to investigations into the aircraft. Although investigators have not yet determined the cause of the accidents, it was revealed that the new Boeing product had a control system that was not fully disclosed to the pilots.

Boeing said it has issued changes to the control system linked to both Ethiopian and Lion Air crashes. However, it is unclear if the 393 grounded 737 Max aircraft would be allowed to fly.

Ethiopian Airlines has its three Boeing 737 Max grounded, while Air Canada has 24 of the same aircraft grounded in different locations.

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