In the wake of renewed Xenophobic attacks in South Africa, President Cyril Ramaphosa has condemned attacks in the country.

Attacks on foreign-owned shops left three people dead, while many Malawians have fled their homes.

A statement iussued by Ramaphosa on Monday, read: "Today, our economy and society benefits from our extensive trade and investment relations with partners on our continent and many of our continental compatriots live in South Africa where they are making important contributions to the development of our country.

"African development depends on the increased movement of people, goods and services between different countries for all of us to benefit. We will not allow criminals to set back these processes.”

Three people died on Monday last week, when protests targetting foreign-owned shops in the southeastern KwaZulu-Natal province degenerated.

South Africa's Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Luwellyn Landers said the incidents started off as a criminal event “and eventually ended up being xenophobic because 300 Malawians were displaced as a consequence".

Ramaphosa gave the assurance that the criminals would be identified and brought to book, so as to ensure the mutual benefit derived by both Malawi and South Africa is preserved. 

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