Sudan People's Liberation Army soldiersSudan People's Liberation Army soldiers

The Sudan Transitional Military Council (TMC) is making an attempt to make Islamic laws the guiding principle of the country.

The 10-member TMC, responding to a draft constitutional document presented to it by a coalition of protest groups and political parties, said the document omitted Islamic law, which they said remained the bedrock of all laws.

Addressing the media, Shams al-Din Kabashi, TMC spokesman, posited that Sharia and local norms should be the source of legislation.

He said, "Our view is that Islamic Sharia and the local norms and traditions in the Republic of Sudan should be the sources of legislation.”

Kabashi stated that the council wants the transitional period to last two years.

Discussions with the opposition is ongoing, but calling early elections within six months would be an option if they could not reach an agreement, Kabashi said.​

Since the ousting of Omar al-Bashir as President of the country and the military take-over, thousands of protesters remain outside the army complex in capital Khartoum, demanding that the military rulers step down and hand over power to a civilian administration.

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