Mr. Omeli Humphrey Darlington, a former dispatch rider at First Bank of Nigeria Plc has accused some staff of the bank for attempting to kill him.

Darlington, who worked with Iganmu Branch of First Bank between October 2010 and December 2013, was implicated in a failed N355 million naira fraud by two staff of the bank, Mr. Abimbola Jaiyesimi, Mrs. Mojisola Majasan.

After the attempt to divert the money was exposed, being the only junior staff aware of the fraud, he was accused of attempting to unilaterally defraud the bank. See Also CRIME How Dispatch Rider Was Imprisoned And Tortured For A N355m Fraud 'Committed By First Bank And Olam Nigeria Staff'

In a letter to the Lagos State Police Command exclusively seen by SaharaReporters, Darlington informed the command of an attempt by Jaiyesimi and Majasan to kidnap and kill him.

He stated that there have been multiple attempts to kill him forcing him to abandon his home and go into hiding.

Darlington said that both Jaiyesimi and Majasan have employed the service of gunmen and sometimes accused him fabricated offences in bid to get him arrested and sent to prison.

“The first time it happened was on September 27, 2013, when I was arrested by Jaiyesimi and Majasan, I was smuggled into Lion Building Police Station and was there for three days. I was granted bail, Mr. Abidemi, one of the head at the security department called and offered me to enter the bank’s official van,” he explained.

He continued, “When I entered, I met Mr Okon, staff of First Bank, spy police and a mobile police carrying a gun. Immediately I entered, they seized my phone and they started hitting and punching me.

“The driver began to move to an unknown destination and it dawned on me that my life was in danger. I struggled with them and was able to stop the car, which attracted passers-by who rescued me and took me to Ikoyi Police Station.

How Dispatch Rider Was Imprisoned For A N355m Fraud 'Committed By First Bank And Olam Nigeria Staff' How Dispatch Rider Was Imprisoned For A N355m Fraud 'Committed By First Bank And Olam Nigeria Staff'...

“When I was also released and went home, gunmen stormed my house several times but I was lucky to escape. This made me flee from my house and went into hiding.”

Darlington urged the Lagos State Police Command to intervene and ensure he is not killed.

“I am compelled to appeal to the Nigeria Police Force now because of the several attacks over my life on different occasions by criminal, which has forced me to relocate into hiding in fear of my life.

“Even if I was to be a criminal, the Nigeria constitution does not permit extra-judicial killing, unless pronounced guilty by a law court of competent jurisdiction,” he appealed to the Police.

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