Femi Falana, Human Rights Activist and Nigerian Lawyer ( SAN), has said that Nigerian's will occupy the country if the Federal Government fails to put an end to the ongoing reckless killings and abductions in the country.

He said this during a protest organized by The People's Alternative Fonts, aimed at putting an end to the indiscriminate killings at the Gani Fawehinimi Freedom Park, Ojota, Lagos on Wednesday.

According to him, leaders must know that democracy is not only about the rituals of elections but also the aftermaths of electoral processes.

He said, "Democracy is not about the rituals of elections, it transcends election. It is not about commissioning boreholes in a country where we used to have tap water on the street. It is also not about commissioning roads and dancing on the road in a country where we used to have good and motorable roads".

Falana pointed out that the greatest dividends of democracy is freedom for the masses to carry out their business activities under the rightful tenets of the law without indiscriminate killings and arrests.

While also speaking on the breach of human rights, he demands that the federal government adequately equip, fund and motivate the police force as this will ensure sanity and keep soldiers to perform their civic duties rather than their unlawful functionalities on public street.

He stressed the need for education for every child and job creation as this will help reduce criminal activities in the society adding that the bulk of looted money discovered should be channeled towards establishing factories as outlets for employment.

Falana also demanded the creation of ranches in rural areas to end violent clashes between farmers and herders.

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