A contractor hired to build a sporting facility in a Chinese school has confessed after 16 years to burying the remains of a teacher who reported him for embezzling funds, beneath the institution’s running track.

Police said Thursday that Du Shaoping killed Deng Shiping in January 2003, because he had refused to approve the constructed structure.

Deng had observed that Du had embezzled funds and skimped on building materials. Deng’s body was discovered in Xinhuang Middle School Thursday, according to officials in the city of Huaihua.

"The field and track were being built by the principal's relatives," he told Hongxing News. "He believed there to be serious build quality concerns, and that they were cutting corners.”

"He refused to sign off on the work and reported it to the county government. Then he disappeared."

Du’s remains have been sent for further analysis. 

A task force has also been set up to investigate the crime.

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