Anietie Ukpong


The life expectancy or how long an average Nigerian is expected to live is expected to fall below 45 years within the next decade (2030).

The national leader and founder of Change Nigeria Party (CNP) and a former Gubernatorial Candidate in Akwa Ibom State Dr. Engr. Anietie Ukpong issued the stark warning during a telephone interview in Abuja recently.

Dr. Ukpong specifically mentioned the stress induced by poverty, high blood pressure or hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol level and the indiscriminate sexual activities as a purveyor for the impending drastic decline in life expectancy from the current 53 years.

Dr. Ukpong indicated that the continued use of fatty palm oil as opposed to cholesterol-free palm oil that is used in advanced countries is the main plaque causing factor that stiffened the blood vessel and ultimately result in cardiac infarction and arrest.  He urges Nigerian investors to begin investing in the production of cholesterol free palm oil which forms the mainstay ingredient for cooking in the country.

Ukpong laments the overdependence of the population on Government and Politicians to create jobs and lift people out of poverty as a strategy that does not work and is not being used in other parts of the world.

We have a talent pool of rich Nigerians, We have talent pool of educated class, why can’t we get together, contribute money and open industries in the process hire many people.  This is how it is done in the United States, China, and Europe.

He decried the sedentary lifestyle as the main culprit in the skyrocketed number of people with high blood pressure and diabetes.  Majority of these victims go about their daily stressful business without even knowing the affliction only to drop dead one time.  There is then the call for prayers and accusation of witchcraft being responsible.

Ukpong re-affirms his love for Nigerians especially his home state of Akwa Ibom that was recently declared the poverty capital of Nigeria.  He calls on the Government to do more to attract private/group investments which could include reducing the percentage of imported manufactured goods to the state, thus freeing up the market for potential investors to step in.  Necessity is the mother of invention.

He appeals to Governor Udom Emmanuel to revisit Amakpe Oil refinery and cement his legacy by breaking the ground for a new refinery.  This would help assuage the poverty situation through massive job creation for the people besides the IGR that would be derived from such venture. 

Dr. Ukpong on his part have so many projects amounting to over 20 million Naira under Venture Power (VP), upon completion of these project, he hoped to have demonstrated the power of grassroot contributions to the job bank that guarantees timely projects execution, fostering massive employment and lifting people out of poverty.

A stich in time saves nine.  Do something or risk the increasing premature deaths at 45 years or below compared to 78 to 85 years in other countries within the next decade.

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