Nigerian policemen deployed to prevent kidnapping along Ife-Ibadan highway, South-west Nigeria, were on Monday caught on camera extorting motorists.

According to Premium Times, the policemen stationed at the outskirt of Ibadan, Ikire, Gbongan and Ile-Ife demanded bribe from a driver of a vehicle conveying a journalist and 17 other passengers.

Some of the motorists who earlier spoke with PREMIUM TIMES confirmed the habitual extortion by cops.

While the police officers on the outskirts of Ibadan and Ikire collected the naira notes discreetly without questioning the driver, the ones at Gbongan and Ile-Ife did not.

An officer at Gbongan, with the inscription Akosoba A on his uniform, collected a N100 from the driver and gave a change of N50.

Also, a policeman in Ile-Ife, who appeared in a camouflage, instructed the driver to park his vehicle for raising a question but changed his mind after N50 exchanged hands.

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