Jacob Zuma, South Africa's former President, has told a judge-led inquiry that allegations of corruption against him are a conspiracy aimed at making him politically irrelevant in the country.  

Zuma was forced to resign his position as the president of South Africa in February 2018.

The BBC reports that Zuma was appearing for the first time at the inquiry, which is investigating allegations that he oversaw a web of corruption during his term in office.

The former president is accused of influencing cabinet decisions and winning lucrative state tenders based on his relationship with the wealthy Gupta family of South Africa.

In response, he said: "I have been vilified, alleged to be the king of corrupt people.

"I have been given every other name and I have never responded to those issues."

On his controversial relationship with the Gupta family, he said, "I never did anything with them unlawfully. They just remained friends, as they were friends to everybody else.

"Did I auction Table Mountain? Did I auction Johannesburg?" he queried.

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