Bayo Oluwasanmi


It was Fela Anikulapo Kuti, the musical iconoclast, multi-instrumentalist, who first used the iconic and ironic word Zombie to lampoon the military intruders who invaded our political space. Fela in his characteristic evangelistic fervor, describes the ruling soldiers as robotic, pathetic, brainless, cartoonish morons.

Stretch your imagination further of Fela's Zombies, you'll see a horrifying, hauting figure – the living dead – in the night with moving parts oozing body fluids, with ravenous appetite for fresh, living, human brains. In a Zombie Democracy, President Zombie and Zombie citizens are the dead that walk. They are alive but dying and suffering. President Zombie's reign of terror marks the coming of ancient evils.

President Zombie sees his critics as disposable human waste. Critics serve as easy preys for the octogenarian despot. He has penchant for chaos and apocalyptic visions for destruction of his Zombie nation. Once upon a time, Zombies used to live among the dead. But not anymore. Zombies now come in form of gap-tooth despots ruling over Zombie citizens. Both President Zombie and Zombie citizens opposed revolutionary overhaul  that is badly needed to uproot the old order and put in place radical socioeconomic and political changes.

President Zombie remains the chief sponsor of any legislation and policy designed to increase misery, suffering, economic strangulation, and political coercion. President Zombie is renowned for practicing misinformation, disinformation, lies, nepotism, division, and hatred. President Zombie and his citizens reject commonsense, common cause, and culture of questioning and critical exchange. They are the most dangerous enemies of their nation and people.

In the Zombie Democracy, President Zombie is constantly rattled by agitation, peaceful protests, and hell scared by the word “Revolution.” He and his sycophant citizens are too dumb to know there are different forms of revolution. Indeed, illiteracy is not only a disease, but equal opportunity destroyer. He targets advocates for good governance that will lead to peace, progress, and prosperity. To him, these crusaders are felons and must be locked up for life.

President Zombie's ambition is to fashion a nation only for the dumb and deaf that will swallow his sadistic practices hook, line, and sinker. The horde of paid Zombie citizens roaming the face of social media selling toxic delicacies of President Zombie in form of misguided fear, intimidation, falsehood, propaganda to burnish the tattered image of a drowning President Zombie. 

The Zombie nation is held hostage by demagogue like Adolf Hitler. He flouts court rulings at will. Rule of law does not exist in his political dictionary. He discards or re-writes any part of the Constitution to suit his evil plans and plots. He uses repressive state apparatus to whip his zombie followers, supporters, as well as critics into submission.

With President Zombie, the next four years will witness Biblical proportions of death and destruction. A dark future awaits Zombie citizens. So far, we have seen President Zombie working hard to destroy the remnants of civilization left in the Zombie nation. He represents so much that has gone wrong in the Zombie nation. Zombie citizens are trapped in the everyday waking nightmare with fear of unpredictable daily woes that turns to madness and desperation. They are on a path of infinite decline. 

The funeral dirge for the Zombie nation has finally been written. Welcome to Zombie Democracy, Zombie President, Zombie Citizens!

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