Burundi has begun to vaccinate its frontline health workers against Ebola using unlicensed vaccines.

This is coming few days after the World Health Organisation announced that the anyone infected with the virus could now be cured with survivors reuniting with their families in the Gatumba border near the Democratic Republic of Congo.

According to WHO, health workers at the Gatumba border near DR Congo are being vaccinated with rVSV-ZEBOV, with the supervision of WHO and Burundi's health ministry, BBC reports.

"Although this vaccine is not yet approved and its commercial use is not yet authorised, it has been shown to be effective and safe during Ebola outbreaks in West Africa," the WHO statement said

WHO representative in Burundi Dr Kazadi Mulombo said though the vaccine is yet to be approved, it has been proven highly effective in a trial conducted in Guinea in 2015

He added, "The vaccination of health and front-line staff is a significant step forward in preparing for the response to this disease."

Burundi has not recorded any cases of Ebola so far, but its border with DR Congo is considered highly porous, and the whole region is on high alert.

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