The German Government has disowned a letter claiming that its Foreign Minister, Heiko Maas, lambasted President Muhammadu Buhari for the attack on Ike Ekweremadu, a Nigerian lawmaker in Nuremberg, by members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

Ekeweremadu was assaulted when he visited the city to attend an event organised by the Igbo community in Germany.

Following the incident, the federal government and some Nigerians condemned the action of the members of the proscribed IPOB.

However, three days ago, a letter purportedly from Maas began circulating on the social media.

The letter titled, 'Request for prosecution of Nigerian political demonstrators in Nuremberg', condemned President Buhari for seeking the prosecution of IPOB members who attacked Ekweremadu.

It read: "I find it extremely provocative and unusually undiplomatic when a government that has created the conditions that exiled its citizens demands the same people's prosecution by the host country for demanding justice and justice from its government officials.

"Germany is a democratic country that grants asylum to refugees from all over the world. Freedom of association and the right to political protest are the right of all persons resident in Germany. I, Heiko Maas, have been doused by my voters with rotten eggs and tomatoes. It comes with the office. No protester was shot dead, imprisoned, killed or deported.

"Every day, my ambassador to Nigeria, Bernhard Schlagheck informs me of the atrocities Fulani terrorist Herdsmen committed against unarmed, innocent Nigerians as part of an ethnic cleansing program and eventual rug- nation of Nigeria. These atrocities include abductions, rape, torture, mutilation, slaughter, and evisceration. Obviously, the demonstrators have enough.

"The German Government will respond to your request to prosecute the demonstrators who have requested their representative to do his work in Nigeria as soon as you have your Fulani terrorists detained.

"If Senator Ike Ekweremadu has not slept at the workplace and performed his duties as a representative of his constituents, his constituents in Nigeria will eat Yam and not eat Yam in Germany. Yam roots do not grow in Germany. Creating a suitable environment in Nigeria would lead to a brain drain that would significantly accelerate development in Nigeria.

"If my ambassador in Nigeria confirms that the Fulani terrorists have been appeased, I am glad to advise the Nigerians in Germany to politely treat Nigeria dignitaries. Political protest is not a criminal offense in Germany."

However, the German government has now denied knowledge of the letter, claiming it did not emanate from any of its offices nor the office Maas.

Ruonna Meyer, a Nigerian journalist based in Germany, said the office of Maas confirmed to her that the letter did not originate from it.

She made this known via her Twitter handle. "Dear Nigerians, Germany's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has just confirmed to me in writing: That letter purported to be from the Minister to President Buhari is FAKE.

Please: STOP SHARING it. STOP STOKING ETHNIC TENSIONS. SAY NO TO FAKE NEWS. Thank you. God bless Nigeria," she tweeted.

Similarly, AFP Fact-Check said the Garmany Ministry of Foreign Affairs dismissed the letter.


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