President of the African Development Bank, Akunwunmi Adesina, has been trending on social media since he was pictured with different world leaders at the just concluded G7 meeting.

The annual gathering of the G7 nations, some of the world's key industrial countries, kicked off on Saturday in the French coastal town of Biarritz.

Adesina, who was a former Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development in Nigeria was also present at the global leader’s meeting.

His picture with Donald Trump, President of the United State; Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany; Emmanuel Macron, President of France and other world leaders have been creating buzz on social media. 

Nigerians have questioned why a country with someone of the calibre of Adesina would have inept leaders. 

Oluwaseun Onigbinde, co-founder of BudgIt, commenting on the person of Adesina on Twitter said, “He is so presidential”.

Another user, @MistaChika said, "A country that is blessed with @akin_adesina have a Tinubu aspiring for the presidency. Tragic.”

Uche Chuta, a user on Twitter, also said, “If Akin Adesina becomes President, over 50 per cent of those in the Diaspora will relocate back to Nigeria. 

"The foreign direct investment will also be massive. Various international organisations and companies and countries will be fighting to come to Nigeria to invest.”

Adesina has made remarkable impact in the agricultural sector that he was awarded the World Food Prize in 2017.

Explaining while Adesina won the most coveted $250,000 prize, Kenneth Quinn, the President of the World Food Prize Foundation, said it was in recognition of his impact “in African agriculture for over 25 years and improving food security for millions across the continent”

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