Two petty traders in the Ikorodu area of Lagos have reportedly died after officials of the Lagos State Task Force confiscated their wares on Tuesday.

The raid on traders especially those selling by the roadside, sent panic across the garage area of the Lagos town as armed policemen in company with other security operatives sacked petty business owners around the area.

Activist, Princess Edo, who witnessed the incident, told Sahara Reporters that the policemen, who brutalised many of the women in the area must be brought to just for using such brute force to sack them from the road.

According to her, the two women, who passed away succumbed to death following the shock of losing their entire business set up by loans freshly acquired from a bank.

She said, “As I was dropping from a bus, I saw women shouting and crying. I saw armed policemen using force to dislodge the women and confiscate their items.

“Many of these women are selling by the roadside because they have lost their jobs due to unfavourable government policies.

“I learnt that two people died, one instantly, because she went to borrow money from a microfinance bank to buy bags which were confiscated.

“Why will the government send armed policemen to women selling petty items?

“They threw all their things into the vehicle and looted their belongings such as school bags, food items.

“They drove off leaving this women and children crying. This is not right.

“Lawyers and the civil society must ensure that these women get justice.”

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