Members of a coalition of civil society groups have vowed to occupy the United Kingdom and Irish embassies for the next one week to demand the reversal of $9.6bn judgement debt against Nigeria.

The protesters said they would not vacate the premises of the embassies until the judgement was set aside.

The protesters had on Monday in Abuja besieged the two embassies demanding for the review of the judgement in favour of Process and Industrial Development, an Irish firm.

President of the group, Etuk Williams, said that Nigeria cannot be colonised and enslaved for the second time through the judgment, adding that it is capable of impoverishing over 200 million citizens.

Williams said, “We have come to say that we will not submit to slavery. We believe in justice, $9.6bn in UK is a fraud.

“That judgment will inflict pain on over 200 million Nigerian people and we cannot take that.

“We are ready to occupy this place for another one week. We will continue to occupy British and Irish embassies until justice is done. This judgement must be reversed.”

Williams added that the $9.6bn is equivalent to N3.5trn when converted adding that the amount would take 20 per cent of Nigeria's foreign reserve.  

He stated, “We recognise and appreciate the cordial relationship that has existed between the Britain and Nigerian Government. 

“We urge the parties to review the contract and negotiate the payment awarded against Nigeria.”


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