Police have arrested Samuel Sopehinman, a university student and one Olaide Tajudeen for burglary and selling of stolen properties.

The suspects were arrested separately following a petition by one Adeniran Adeyemi.

According to the police, one black headgear, one cutlass, one chisel, two gold pendants, two gold chains, gold earrings were recovered from the suspects.

Tajudeen said he broke into the house through the ceiling at about 9:30 pm and stole gold necklace with the pendants, earring, laptop valued at N560,000.

He said: "The flat I burgled is in the next street called Church Street, Ijoko area of Sango, Ogun state. I am married with a child. My wife did not know that I am a burglar until I was arrested.

"I live in Ijoko while my wife lives in Ikirun, a town in Osun state. She relocated to Osun State when she lost her mother, while I stayed back in Ogun State to do my burglary work.

"I was an aluminum fabrication before I ventured into robbery. I did not have enough customers and patronage. I was pushed into burglary by extreme financial stagnation coupled with my desire to buy keke,( tricycle) on hire purchase with the little deposit I made but, before I know it,  I was arrested in my first attempt."

In his confession, Sopehinman said:  “I am from Abeokuta. I had an accident which led to the amputation of my right leg. I had the accident on my way to the Lagos State University (LASU) this year where I am a 300 level Business Administration student.

"I have deferred my studies but I can go back if given a second chance. When I came back from hospital I started music downloading business at Ijoko. I became part of this crime because Tajudeen works as a ticketer of a transport union at the bus stop where I have a stall. He told me that he wanted to sell some items but he did not tell me that they were stolen. 

"But because he was offering the items at cheap prices and I felt that I could get small money to help myself. I sold the jewelry to one Mallam but I did not follow him to burgle. My father is a retired naval officer and he is not yet aware of my case. I regret being involved in this case."

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