The Ondo state government has explained why it is delaying local government elections in the state.

Last year, Governor Rotimi Akeredolu promised to conduct the elections but has not been able to do so.

However, last March, the governor announced that his administration would create LCDAs to attract development to people at the grassroots.

Today (Monday), Donald Ojogo, spokesperson for the state, said: "Even the court process coincides with the general election. Shortly after that there were agitations and the governor felt the best way to bring governance and development closer to the people is to create the LCDA.  

"If you now conduct the local government elections before you go ahead to create the LCDA, it will definitely distort a substantial part of the process."

Continuing, he stated, "It is in the thinking of the state government that this process must be put in place and once government commences the administrative process of conducting the local government election, it would be seem to be seamless.

"For instance, if we conduct the local government election into Ese Odo LGA where we have 10 wards, 10 counsellors would emerge. We don't know the number of LCDAs that would be created." 

Ojogo assured that within the "shortest period, the process of conducting local government election would be reactivated".

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