Babs Cardini, a 19-year-old magician, says he mostly get requests to turn things into money from Nigerians.

The young Nigerian magician said this in an interview with the BBC.

Cardini, who said he hates being optimistic, said in the next three years, he wants to be one of the greatest magicians in the world.

He said: “Whenever I am performing, people ask me, am I using jazz, am I using voodoo? Am I using any sort of tricks or sleight of hand? I have loved magic since I was five but I officially started magic when I was 16 years old.

“Everywhere I go to, people are wowed and they have been contacting me, trying to be my friend and know me more.”

He said he gets his inspiration from watching other magicians perform on Youtube.

“Me and Magic, we are like 5 and 6. It’s kind of self-taught and gifted at the same time and more practice.  

“I go on Youtube to look at people who are great at magic, who are better in magic and see what they do. Not like I watch tutorials because if you are watching tutorials on Youtube, you don’t get to go far

“Nigerian mentality, when they see me as a magician, they are wowed and they still ask me, can you turn this into money? Most of the request is always about money,” he said.


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