Abubakar Malami


The Nigeria delegate has departed for the United Kingdom to seek a way
of addressing the $9.6 billion judgment debt awarded against the
Nigerian government.

The Attorney General of Federation and Minister of Justice, Abubakar
Malami (SAN), disclosed this on Sunday night.

Malami stated that the delegate would be meeting with the legal team
in the UK on way forward.

 He said that the “Nigerian delegation leaving for the UK would file a
new case based on the new realities of the contract or would build on
the previous judgment.

“All cards are on the table but it all depends on (which is)
beneficial, that has potency for setting aside the award, having
regards to the applicable law in the circumstances.”

He noted that the government would not rule out the possibility of
filing a new case or using existing proceedings to seek relief of
setting aside the award of the contract cannot be ruled out.

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