Mike Ozekhome

Mike Ozekhome, a senior advocate of Nigeria, has described the fresh
charges against Omoyele Sowore by the President Muhammadu Buhari
administration dead on arrival.

Ozekhome, who spoke on ChannelsTV, joined other well-meaning Nigerians
to ask the Nigerian government to drop charges against Sowore and
release him unconditionally.

Sowore, who has been in the detention of the Department of State
Services since August 3, was charged with a fresh seven-count charge bordering on money laundering, treason, and cyberstalking Buhari.

Speaking on the charges against Sowore, the senior advocate of Nigeria
said, “The government should end the case and save itself from the
odium and disparagement that its obvious loss will entail. I see the
case, as dead on arrival, it has no substance. It’s as dead as dodo
(an extinct bird).

“How does a peaceful demonstration and merely saying so, how does it
begin to form the serious crime of attempting to levy war against the
state or overrunning the president or government of a state of members
of the National Assembly to change their policy?

“The DSS hasn’t told us that Sowore had a gun or any of them were
caught event with a banger.”

Ozekhome also asked the government to tackle issues raised by Sowore
as he posited that the Buhari-led administration is becoming more
paranoid and childish in prosecuting Sowore.

He said, “The government is becoming more and more paranoid, it is
carrying its anti-opponent template to a ridiculous and ludicrous
level that it is now becoming more and more very childish.

“Sowore itemized the ills of the society, bad educational system,
youth unemployment, insecurity, bad and opaque governance and said
there is the need for this government to move away from it and in
attempting to do that he said, fellow Nigerians come to the street and

“We should be more occupied about how to remove Nigeria from the
dolorous than this childish thing.

“Where are the arms that were caught with Sowore and others to carry
out a revolution?

“What are the means by which Sowore and his group were to carry out
this revolution?”

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