Abdulrasheed Maina


After years of being on the run, evading arrest and trial,
corruption-tainted Abdulrasheed Maina came to the open in 2017
promising to help President Muhammadu Buhari to recover trillions of
naira in exchange for his protection.

This was after he was secretly reinstated into the civil service by
the Ministry of Interior, an act that generated national outcry before
he was subsequently ordered to be dismissed.

In 2017, during his media tour, Maina appeared on ChannelsTV and
promised to attend a public hearing and give President Buhari
documents that would lead to the uncovering of trillions of naira
illegally acquired by government officials.

He said that his knowledge of the existence of the funds had led to
him receiving death threats.

Maina said, “I am appealing to you Mr. President, there are so many
things people are not telling you. When I get to that public hearing,
I will tell you things that people are not telling you.

“I will give you information and documents that will fetch you over
three trillion (naira) now in Nigeria.

"If I don’t do it, Mr. President, give me nine months. Within the
first three months, I will show you one trillion (naira) just like I
showed you one trillion (naira) in this 2017.

"I will show you again and I will show you again.”

In another interview he said, “In the first week, I can recover N1
trillion for him (Buhari).

"In the second month, I can recover N2 trillion for him (Buhari).

"In the third month, I can recover another N1 trillion for him (Buhari).

"But I have to have 100 percent full protection from the president and
I must not report to any other authority except the president.”

Maina was arrested on Monday in Abuja by joint operatives of the
Department of State Services and the Economic and Financial Crimes

He was arrested at the Pennsylvania Avenue Hotel, Utako, Abuja,
following a request by the EFCC to the DSS to assist in the
apprehension of the suspect.

Maina is currently in the custody of the EFCC where he is expected to
be investigated and prosecuted.


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