Frank Tietie


A Nigerian lawyer and rights activist, Frank Tietie, claims the
Nigerian government has no forensic evidence to prove that former
Chairman of the Pension Reform Task Team, Abdulrasheed Maina, stole
any money.

“There is no forensic evidence to prove that Maina stole money
directly,” the lawyer told ChannelsTV on Wednesday.

Tietie stated, “All of those forces who have always wanted him, who
have always been scared of him would now come and face him and he
should be given the opportunity to say the whole truth.

“Maina definitely has enjoyed some measure of cooperation from the
state authorities in such a confusing manner.

“At a point he was declared wanted, only to be reported to be
protected by the DSS.”

Maina was declared wanted by the EFCC for an alleged N2 billion fraud
in November 2015 that led to his disappearance only to show up again
in October 2017 as he was reinstated as a director in the Ministry of

His reinstatement and promotion led to public outrage.

In an interview with ChannelsTV, after his return, Maina had said,
“Mr. President, I will give you information and documents that will
fetch you over N3 trillion now in Nigeria, give me nine months. Within
the first three months, I will show you N1 trillion just like I showed
you N1 trillion in this 2017."

Tietie, on the other hand, said, “I think he was reinstated as bait,
in order to allow him to release all of those sensitive information he
has, to bust corruption,” he added.

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