Ransford Gyampo and Paul Kwame Butakor, two lecturers from the University of Ghana, caught on camera soliciting sex from supposed students have been called before an anti-sexual harassment panel.

The BBC released a year-long investigation into sexual harassment cases in two major universities in Nigeria.

Stella Amoa, the Director of Public Affairs of the University of Ghana, in statement, said Gyampo and Butakor would face disciplinary panel.

She said: “We will like to state unequivocally that the university places great importance on issues of sexual harassment and misconduct, and condemn any of such acts

"While sexual harassment was fundamentally about exploiting power imbalance and voicelessness, it also had harmful impact on individuals, families and institutions.

“It is for this reason that the university has taken steps to encourage students and employees to report any form of sexual harassment and misconduct, and instituted measures to punish anyone found guilty of the offence.

“In all instances where the university has been provided with information and/or evidence of sexual harassment or misconduct, our Anti-Sexual Harassment Committee has investigated the matter, interviewed the parties involved, and after making a determination, we have applied the appropriate sanctions as outlined in the policy, including dismissals.

“We would like to state emphatically that the University of Ghana does not and will not shield any employee or student found to have engaged in sexual harassment or misconduct. No member of the university is considered above the law.”

The University of Lagos had suspended two of its lectures indicted in the sexual misconduct.

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