An activist based in Ondo State, Jelili Oladapo, has narrated how he was arrested and beaten by policemen during the #RevolutionNowprotest in the city on August 5, 2019.

Oladapo said he was forced to sleep in a decongested police cell where he was excommunicated for a whole day.

He narrated his ordeal in a statement he shared on one of his social media pages.

He said, “After I was arrested by the police, I was dragged, beaten, brutalised and even handcuffed and not allowed to express myself.

“I was kept behind bars, with many detainees in a congested cell.”

According to him, the case was transferred from Ore Division of the Police Command to Ondo State Police Headquarters in Akure shortly after his arrest.

He added, “An officer after reading my statement threatened me with a gun at the police station, asking me to cooperate with him.

“On August 6, I was handcuffed and put inside a vehicle before taken to the court. After much debate, the court granted me bail.

“The magistrate adjourned the case to October 22 and said that if the other party do not follow up on the matter, it will likely be struck out.”

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