The Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria has condemned the planned arrest of Nigerian investigative journalist, Fisayo Soyombo.

It was reported that the Nigerian Government was planning to pick up the journalist following his undercover investigation into various malfeasance in the police, prison and judicial system.

In a statement on Tuesday, HURIWA said, “The news of the ongoing plot by the security forces to arrest, prosecute and detain Mr Fisayo Soyombo following his extensive reportage on the widespread corruption in the police and prisons has not come to us in HURIWA as a surprise.

“The plot to arrest this journalist should also not shock discerning observers around the world because Nigeria is back to the dark ages of tyranny.

“Even amidst threats to our lives as human rights defenders, we hereby condemn in totality this satanic agenda of seeking to silence all those who speak truth to power.

“The list of journalists and activists in detention for doing nothing but speaking out to correct the ills of the political class, is expanding. Omowole Sowore and many of his followers have remained in detention for months.”

“The attempt to either arrest Mr Soyombo for exposing a notorious truth that even the devil himself is aware about corruption in police and prisons in Nigeria is antithetical to democracy and is absolutely unconstitutional.”

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