The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has cracked down on a gang of fraudsters specialised in exploiting personal data of foreign-based Nigerians to defraud their friends and relations back home.

Four of the gang-members – Hon. Oladipupo Adebayo, Bimbo Bilewu, Ibrahim Odunayo, and Oyeleye Oluwatosi – are currently in the EFCC custody while others are still at large.

In a statement, the EFCC said, “The commission had launched a manhunt on the suspects after receiving a petition from one Prof Godwin Ekhaguere.

“The professor alleged in the petition that the gang defrauded him of N565,500.

“He also alleged that the fraudsters made him part with recharge vouchers worth N36,000 in the deal.

“According to him, he only realised that he had been scammed after he managed to reach his friends on the phone, who denied sending anyone to him. That prompted the petition.

“It was in the course of investigating the allegations that the commission arrested Bilewu at an ATM point where he went to cash the money sent to him by one Pastor Osuji.

“Incidentally, Osuji was also a victim of a crime similar to that which the commission was investigating.”

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