Aliko Dangote


Dangote Refinery says it will not use pipelines to convey petroleum
products from its refinery to consumers.

Executive Director of Dangote Group, Devakumar Edwin, said the company
would use shuttle boats and expanded road networks to move products to
different parts of the country.

According to Reuters, Edwin said fuels would go via “shuttle” vessels
to Warri and Calabar, while other deliveries would go in trucks.

He stated this while speaking at the Offshore Trading Logistics Expo
in Lagos on Tuesday, disclosing that the company is fixing and
expanding one of the current roads to Lekki, while the Lagos State
government will build another toll road to aid shipments.

“That’s going to reduce a lot of congestion,” Edwin said.

He noted that the refinery would eliminate fuel imports from other regions.

"Those who are importing today... can buy from our refinery,” he added.

“We can export the product all over the world. So there is no need for
us to (blindly) compete with the local production.”

Beyond producing fuel from fossils, the company is also planning to
extract ethanol from a sugar and molasses plant in Adamawa. It has
also integrated blending plants as well.

Current requirements demand that fuel be mixed with 10 percent ethanol
and diesel be blended with 20 percent biodiesel.

Nigeria’s production of fuel from both fossil and plant-based sources
is too insufficient to meet consumption.

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