Acheju Abuh


Advocacy group, Women Arise, has demanded an investigation by the Nigerian government into the death of Mrs Acheju Abuh at the hands of political thugs on Monday in Kogi State.

Abuh, who was the women leader of the Peoples Democratic Party in the state, was reportedly burnt alive in her residence.

President of Women Arise, Joe Okei-Odumakin, in a statement said the political thugs, “Poured petrol on the building and set it ablaze as other terrorised villagers watched from hiding.

“She reportedly attempted to escape through a window but was prevented by the burglar proof and gun shots with bullets raining in her direction.

“The blood thirsty thugs waited, shooting and watching with relish while Mrs Abuh cried from inside the inferno until her voice died out.

“They reportedly left only when the entire house and Abuh had been burnt to ashes.”

Okei-Odumakin called on the government to bring the perpetrators to book.

She added, “It is our take that these senseless killings continue because perpetrators are not brought to book.

“If those who killed during the elections had been apprehended, nobody would have had the guts to go and kill post-election.

“We therefore demand immediate arrest of Mrs Abuh’s killers and their prosecution.”


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