Bayo Oluwasanmi

If after the press conference of lies by the Department of State Service’ Peter Afunanya we still have some Nigerians, who believe he is not a despicable liar, then we have gone down the rabbit hole. It was a hilarious press conference because it was full of deceptions of a child.

Afunanya is either a pathological or a compulsive liar. Each time he opens his mouth, he oozes out a bagful of lies. 

On who should come for the release of Omoyele Sowore and Olawale Bakare, Afunanya said, “Miscreants, protesters and some people who were not parties, unqualified to stand and document properly and take responsibility that Sowore had been released to them, those were the kinds of person we saw.” 

Mr Femi Falana (SAN), the firebrand attorney for Sowore and Bakare debunks Afunanya’s lies: “I am here to see my client. This is a court order. If they say a car will knock him down, look at my vehicle parked right here (DSS premised).”

Afunanya was aggressively incoherent, completely unintelligible, proven repeatedly that the cathedral of lies he was trying to construct crumbles right before his eyes. His responses to questions were incomprehensibly demoralising, full of grim, tawdry, and surreal often painfully deep. Afunanya’s performance just like the four-year old President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration, is disjointed, unpleasant, and bizarre. Afunanya looked bereft. A funeral spirit haunted his responses throughout the press briefing. 

Listen to him: “There is nothing that Sowore needs that we do not provide him. He has been using his phone and making contacts and even using it to mobilise people and call for violence and call for action against the Nigerian state, and call for destruction of the Nigerian entity.”

Afunanya as a liar and propagandist, whips up emotion and excitement directly by violent exaggeration and by manufactured lies. He relies on symbols and sentiments. He thrives continually to paralyse critical analysis and stimulates all tendencies to thoughtless and slavish acceptance.

“When you throw a stone in the market place,” says Afunanya, “you sure would not know on whose head it would land. 

“Sowore has family members in Nigeria who go to local markets; he has relatives. He has uncles and sisters. If you set a fire, of course, you may not know who will get burnt.”

Afunanya’s intellectual deficiency and incapability to master policies and procedures of a government security outfit are so obvious from the beginning to the end of the press briefing. He’s full of gaffes and goofs. He is ignorant and deficient about everything important that his job entails as a spokesperson of a government security agency. He tried unsuccessfully to wriggle his way through a thicket of lies. 

From Afunanya’s looks, gestures, and body language all through the press conference, was a man experiencing excruciating esoteric torture, a moment of plague, famine, and near-universal grief. In his efforts to dress lies as truths, Afunanya looked grave and grief-stricken. The press conference revealed that he is a self-possessed idiot. 

Nigerians are tired and sick of his lies. There’s nowhere in the constitution or in the policies and procedures of DSS that any defendant granted bail should be released to the surety or sureties. Of course, some retarded Nigerians like Afunanya and Buhari may believe the hogwash. But not all Nigerians are fools. 

Afunanya should put up or shut up. He should stop spewing cow dung and just do what the constitution and the court orders say: release Sowore and Bakare today without obnoxious pre-conditions cooked up by a 15th century moribund DSS.

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