The United States Consulate General in Lagos has organised a hackathon that provided a great platform for Nigerian innovators to provide tech solutions to help people with disabilities live better lives.

The event, which was in collaboration with Project Enable Africa, took place on Tuesday in Lagos.

At the hackathon, a number of Nigerian software developers created accessible digital solutions including Vinsighte, which helps visually impaired persons to read and navigate their environment independently.

Others include VoiS, which converts sign language to speech, speech to sign language and sign language to text.

There was also Sickle Smart, an application that monitors stress level of sickle cell patients.

It is targeted at 3.6 million people living with sickle cell in Nigeria.

The US Consulate awarded $1000 to Theraconnect, an app developed to help children on the autism spectrum have access to cheap and affordable therapy.

Speaking at the event, US Consular General, Claire Pierangelo, said that America will continue to mobilise support for people living with disabilities in Nigeria to be included especially in technology.

According to her, the aim was to provide an accessible world for all – an essential ingredient for democracy to thrive.


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