Nigerians in Diaspora on the platform of the Global Coalition for Security and Democracy in Nigeria protested at the headquarters of the World Bank in Washington DC, United States, to present a petition to the President of the global financial institution, David Malpass, requesting them to stop granting loans to the Nigerian Government already indebted to the tune of over $82bn. 

The group later moved to the headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Intelligence and delivered a petition requesting the body to investigate allegations that World Bank officials allegedly receive bribe to grant loans to states and the Nigerian Government.
The petition was supported with 105 pages of 2,266 signatories signed by Nigerians 

Speaking on behalf of the coalition, Frederick Odorige said that since writing off Nigeria's $18bn debt by the Paris Club in 2005, the government had continued to borrow at the detriment of Nigerians with very little or nothing on ground to show for it. 

This has been worsened by the fact that they have borrowed Nigeria into being the poverty capital of the world.  

He said, "$460m was reportedly borrowed from China about a decade ago under the guise of using it to install CCTV in the Federal Capital territory. 

"The project was not executed as contracted but our country continue to service that loan. 

"There are no verifiable evidences to show how the $320m loot of our late former Head of State Sani Abacha was appropriated after it was repatriated from Switzerland.  

"There are no verifiable evidences to show how the purported N500b ($1.56b) so-called Trader-moni in the name of social-investment funds were disbursed. 

 "Money borrowed from the World Bank, China and other places are used in buying the bullets that kill unarmed protesters who are fighting for economic and social justice. 

"Lenders are investing in the blood of our compatriots many of whom are currently under unlawful detention. 

"Money borrowed from the World Bank, China and other sources are used in financing the unlawful detention of Nigerians against the orders of the courts. 

"Finally, it is very important that we bring to your notice, ongoing allegations that officials of the World Bank receive bribe in order to grant loans to states and Federal Government of Nigeria. It is alleged that this is the reason why loans are quickly granted. We are not making direct accusations at this point because we do not have verifiable evidences. However, we know that there is no smoke without fire.

"Therefore, we respectfully petition that you quickly embark on a thorough investigation in conjunction with the Federal Bureau of investigations on the ongoing allegations making the round in Nigeria."

In response to the protest, Marcela Sanchez-Bender, Media Relations and Lead Corporate Communications in company with colleagues, promised to deliver the petition to the appropriate authority. 

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