President of the United States, Donald Trump, may face trial at the Senate in January.

This follows the Democrat-dominated House of Reps announcing two formal charges – ‘Articles of Impeachment’ against him on Wednesday.

Reuters reports that Trump is accused of withholding aid to Ukraine, a vulnerable ally to get its President, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, to carry out an investigation of Democrat Presidential hopeful, Joe Biden.

The entirety of Congress are expected to vote on the charges brought by the judicial committee next week.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman, Jerrold Nadler, informed reporters that Trump had endangered the US constitution, undermined the integrity of the 2020 election and jeopardised national security.

“No one, not even the President, is above the law,” Nadler is quoted as saying.

Speaker of the House of Representative, Nancy Pelosi, had turned her back on several attempts to impeach Trump, asking her fellow Democrats to wait for a full-proof case to emerge.

Following leaked transcripts of a telephone conversation Trump had with Zelenskiy, the lower chamber saw their opportunity and swung into action on September 24.

Since Trump came into power, he had been dogged with a series of allegations, which blossomed with alleged Russian intervention in the 2016 polls that brought him to office.

It has since turned into other weighty issues such as the separation of migrant families trying to seek refuge in the country.

Trump will be the third President to get impeached by the American congress if it eventually happens.

He will however not get convicted and removed from office by a jury, which would be made up of Republican Senators.

It is expected that Democrats in the lower chamber will vote overwhelmingly for his impeachment, which would then lead to the trial in the upper chamber in January.

The Republicans believe the Democrats are on a ‘witch hunt’ to revise the 2016 election outcome.


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