A number of activists in Nigeria have lamented the slip to dictatorship by the President Muhammadu Buhari regime. 

At a gathering of pro-democracy advocates in Lagos on Tuesday, activists condemned the administration’s lack of regard for the rule of law and court orders. 

The group particularly condemned the arrest and detention og pro-democracy campaigner and journalist, Omoyele Sowore.

Speaking at the gathering, Director, Social Development Integrated Centre, Dr Isaac Osuoka, said the country was in crisis and activist must do all they can to halt the slip into dictatorship.

Osuoka said, “As we move closer to the end of 2019, a year when Nigeria marked 20 years of civil rule, it is imperative for organisations of the pro-democracy tradition to recognise and chart a collective path towards intervening to halt the slide of our country into dictatorship, increasing insecurity and economic hardship for the majority of our people.

“We believe that this is not the time to go solo. The gravity of the crisis confronting Nigeria requires collective action.”

The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, West Africa’s Project Manager, Angela Odah, said Nigeria’s democracy was already in danger.

Odah said the German political foundation was pleased to be part of the conference to chart a way forward for Nigeria.

She said,  “The brazen subversion of the people’s will during the 2019 elections and the recently conducted Kogi and Bayelsa states governorship elections through wanton buying and selling of votes, stealing and stuffing of ballot boxes, violence and killings of Nigerians must stop.

“The lack of respect for court rulings, unlawful detention of Nigerians, the attempt to curb freedom of speech through the Hate Speech Bill and the invasion of the hallowed chamber of our courtroom by operatives of the Department of State Services clearly show that our democracy is in grave danger and it is time for men and women of goodwill to stand up and protect our democracy.”

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