The debate on article of impeachment against President Donald Trump of the United States has been scheduled to begin on Wednesday.

The impeachment process is meant to be followed with a vote after a heated battle between Democrats and Republicans.

The Democrats are accusing the President of abusing his office by asking Ukraine to dig up dirt of his political rival, Joe Biden, and withholding military aid as pressure.

Trump was also accused of obstructing congress investigations of affairs.

Rejecting both impeachment articles against Trump, the Republicans said the President did nothing wrong in his contact with Ukraine. 

The debate on the articles of impeachment against President Trump  is  due  to start on Wednesday with a vote expected to follow a heated battle between
Democrats and Republicans.

It should be known that the House has the power to impeach with a simple majority but the trial in the Senate will require a two-thirds majority to remove
a president from office, making the prospect very unlikely.

Public opinion is sharply divided over the impeachment.

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