Senator Aishatu Binani may be recalled from the Nigerian Senate for sponsoring a controversial name change bill.

The bill seeks to rename and convert the Federal University of Technology, Yola; to Modibbo Adama University. Senator Binani presented the bill early December, urging her colleagues to support the move.

However, the move by the female lawmaker may have angered some of her constituents as well as many ethnic nationalities in Adamawa State.

As things stand, no fewer than 13 ethnic groups in the state have petitioned the Senate, challenging the move to immortalise a tribal/religious champion in a heterogenous state with over 70 different tribes.

The ethnic groups are Marghi, Pene Da Bwatiye, Higgi/Kamwe, Njainyi, Kilba, Ga'anda, Hona, Chamba, Mbula, Lunguda,Ngwaba, Bolahanga.

The controversy about the name change has to do with the central character, Modibbo Adama; obviously a tribal/religious champion.

Ethnic nationalities in the state feel imposing his name on a federal institution of higher learning, amounts to an affront on the unity of the people.

One of the groups, 'Pens Da Bwatiye', said, "We must consciously, deliberately and intentionally work towards inclusiveness and not exclusivity in both process and execution.

"Adamawa State with over 70 ethnic nationalities is so diverse and complex in nature that it will be highly myopic and parochial for one ethnic group to think that it can perpetually suppress all the other ethnic groups."

Mohammed Bappare, an All Progressives Congress stalwart, who though supports the bill, said Senator Binani should be recalled because "her actions are causing division within our party".

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