Miyetti Allah group


Miyetti Allah Kaute Hore, the Fulani socio-cultural organisation, has said that governors in Nigeria's South-West must give up the new community security outfit if it must clinch the presidency in 2023.

The group said the new outfit aimed at curbing insecurity in the South-Western region was illegal.

Alhassan Saleh, National Secretary of the group, made the disclosure in an interview with PUNCH.

He said, “This Amotekun scheme is political and is not the solution to the problem of insecurity.

“What South-West governors should have done is to continue to push for state police. Where did they expect to get the funding from at a time some of them are struggling to pay salaries?

“It is best they give up on this idea because it may affect the chances of the South-West to produce the president in 2023.

“The thinking is that if the South-West, a major stakeholder in this government, can be toying with this idea now, they may do worse when they get to power.

“We are in agreement with the AGF that Amotekun is illegal. In fact, we are unhappy that it took the AGF this long to react.”

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