Bayo Oluwasanmi

Amotekun was the response to General Muhammadu Buhari’s failure to protect lives and properties of Nigerians. Over time, the Fulani terrorists had turned Yoruba land to a killing field. The brutal murder of Mrs Funke Olakunrin, daughter of Pa Reuben Fasoranti, the Afenifere leader, was a wake up call for Yorubas. 

In his reaction to the murder of Olakunrin, Bola Tinubu, the APC leader, stoutly defended and exonerated Fulani terrorists of the murder of Olakunrin. “I don’t want to be political. The question is where are the cows?” Tinubu said.

Since the creation of Amotekun, Tinubu had maintained sealed lips. He was forced to break his silence on Amotekun. He came out with a long winded statement why Amotekun is necessary and why it’s unnecessary. Speaking from both sides of his mouth, Tinubu laboriously searched for the politically correct rationale behind Amotekun and the logic behind Fulani’s opposition to Amotekun. I’ll spare you of Tinubu’s pendatic polemics about Amotekun. 

Tinubu doesn’t want to be “political.” He’s neither here nor there. He’s a Yoruba and a Fulani at the same time. Tinubu’s evasive and effusive rant about Amotekun sounds like a metaphor which has proved useless as a guide to judging. As he struggled to come up with politically correct statement so as not to incur the wrath of Fulani terrorists, he openly revealed himself as a traitor to Yoruba race. 

No true Yoruba would be surprised at Tinubu’s Machiavellian response to the issue of Amotekun. While Yorubas are being slaughtered, terrorised, kidnapped daily by Fulani terrorists, Tinubu is missing in action. His calculated non-committal response to justify the creation of Amotekun, proves he’s not the standard of character. It shows he’s not a model for decency. He lacks the test of experience. 

Instead of condemning Fulani terrorists in the strongest terms, he appeased them. As a traitor, he betrayed his own when his loyalty is needed most and kept quiet at a time when his voice should be the loudest. But who cares? By the way, who needs his endorsement or approval of Amotekun? With or without Tinubu, Amotekun is here to stay. Amotekun is a necessary deterrence to the indiscriminate killings of our people by Fulani terrorists.

It’s no secret that Tinubu is a seducer in cahoot with Fulani terrorists. His blind loyalty and sheepish deference to Buhari makes him an insider traitor against Yoruba nation. Only a traitor like him would forget our shared cultural experiences and historical memories of how Fulanis denied Awo and MKO the presidency. 

Tinubu is known for Machiavellian tactics: unscrupulously cunning, deceptive, and dishonest. To realise his pipe dream of becoming the next president in 2023, he must show hatred and repulsion to his own people. This is the time for Yorubas to jettison Tinubu because he’s cunning, treacherous, easily bought, and ruthlessly dangerous to our collective resolve on Amotekun and other important issues germane to Yoruba nation. As a morally corrupt person, Tinubu exists at a selfish level. Tinubu’s soul is long dead!

Much as he wished to be canonised as leader of Yorubas, let’s remind him that throughout history no group of people has ever chosen a traitor as a leader. Yet, the main goal of a traitor is to become a leader by throwing everyone else aside and trying to surpass them. This time around, it’s not “where are the cows?” It’s Tinubu vs Amotekun!

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