An angry mob in Etitiama Nkporo in Arochukwu Local Government Area of Abia State has killed one Kalu Ilum for allegedly murdering his wife.

Ilum reportedly shot his wife in the mouth over a misunderstanding that started at home before the woman left for her shop.

The corpse of Ilum was also set ablaze by the crowd.

It was gathered that angry youth, who went in search of the man, eventually found him hiding in a disused well.

They fished him out, clubbed him to death and set his body on fire.

It was also learnt that the youth damaged his house before descending on him.

“The woman was not a violent woman,” one resident of the area said. “She owned a restaurant in the village.

“We were told that she was sustaining her family with the proceeds of the business while the husband was not contributing anything.”

Spokesperson for the police in the state, Geoffrey Ogbonna, said he was yet to be informed about the incident.

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